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This find is indeed very important, and will hopefully add to the knowledge on the Anglo Saxons in England. Most important in our concerns will be learning more from the decorative motif on these pommel caps, of which dozens were apparantly found.
These pommel caps were known to carry certain talismanic or personal signs or symbols (according to Ellis-Davidson, "The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England", 1962, p.67). In the article, it is noted that a reference in the epic of this culture, "Beowulf" , the warriors stripped the pommels off taken weapons as trophies, and this particular hoard may represent the results of this.

There are also sword collars (about 60) and with the material gained here, added to that of the famed Sutton Hoo find (1938), should lead to more comprehensive understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture in England.
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