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Originally Posted by colin henshaw

Looks like it was made for a spear point to me. The Shona in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) produced items with a rifle/gun butt shape, and this has that appearance. The wirework is typical for the area.

Maybe an early made for resale item, missing the metal spearhead.


Hi Colin ,
thank you for the reply. Have you any pictures of Shona examples ? I assume that these rifle stock shaped spears are more symbolic than functional ?
Even without the spearhead, this has great balance as a club and has more 'handling marks' at the thinner end. There is no doubt that this would be a very effective 'bludgeoning' tool.

I am also surprised that there are very few examples of African 'gun stock' or similarly shaped clubs. Especially when 'edged' clubs are so common in Polynesia and the America's.

All the best
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