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Sorry you went through that. A lot of questions go through my mind when exporting or importing a sword.
I recall SAC's motto : "Knowledge is Power".
Questions are like Scouts, they may prevent an ambush if you get the right answer...before the event. It's no fun learning by own experience.

Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Here is a first hand example of what can happen if items are not described correctly. This regulation was covered in the "New Zealand" thread above, and it shows the need for the SELLER to abide by the buyers requests, (which was CLEARLY given) when shipping items. Also to COMMUNICATE to the buyer any laws applicable to the originating country, which would stop the seller from declaring accurately, BEFORE sending anything.
I have just this week had an item seized by NZ Customs as it was not described correctly. My Permit to Import this particular item has also been revoked, and I am none too pleased, I can tell you!
The seller, in this case from the UK, now tells me that he could not describe item correctly, as it would have precluded him from exporting it. Bit late now I would have thought!
Traps for the unwary. Maybe someone with first hand knowledge of the UK laws as they stand now, could give us all a brief overview. I for one will not be buying anything else from UK dealers, if this is going to be an ongoing issue.
Regards Stuart
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