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Hi Jens,

Couldn't find th thread. OTOH, Custom's regulations have changed a lot recently, what applied years ago probably won't apply today. This is specially true in the good ole' US of A as well as in the British Commonwealth.

AFAIK, British customs may be strict, but they are relatively unambiguous, and their mail system is as good or better than the US.

So... we still need to hear input from Germany, Spain, Russia, Israel, etc...



Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde

This has been discussed before, some years ago, try to make a search, or ask Mark if he can remember what the thread was called.

A few years ago I had a small dagger stopped in Germany and returned to the US, although the end address was Switzerland, and someone whom I heard about, he is living in Germany, got a dagger with an ivory hilt, confiscated – as the CITE certificate was missing – he was not even allowed to give it to a museum. So do read Mark’s CITES - An Informal Guide.

It is a big problem for collectors and for dealers, so try to do the utmost to check how to do it best - before sending the weapons.
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