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Well placed comments Jens, I think that thread presents excellent information concerning the many pertinant details confronted by collectors in shipping these items through many international channels. There are many complexities as laws and thier applications are rapidly changing and new ones being implemented.

Moving on to the subject matter in this thread, I have been reading with great interest, and would submit to our members and readers:

I think informational discussion is a good thing, and awareness of potential problems certainly a sound topic, but please gentlemen, caution in revealing or suggesting means or ideas in circumventing rules, regulations or laws in place that might be construed as potentially illegal (as Andrew has helpfully noted, distinctly cited in rule 7).

These threads are internationally read, and undoubtedly monitored in at least some degree, so please write accordingly.

The helpful and informative disclosure of the legal statutes and thier enforcement in various international governments is helpful, but should be left at that. Editorials or crtiticisms are counterproductive and measures in response or thoughts of circumvention should be discussed privately only, and considered with extreme caution.

I think we have all experienced frustrating situations with customs or various officials in shipping or receiving items at various times, but I think that thorough understanding of the details of laws would prevent problems.
Many of the situations involve improper wording, inaccurate data or questionable materials seem mostly at the base of many situations.

As for the information detailing the laws in place in various countries and policies in various mediums of transport, thanks to those who have added that detail for reference.

All best regards,
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