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A pity that couriers like UPS are a zillion times more expensive than USPS.
USPS delivers the parcel to local mail services in the capital (Lisbon) for later forwarding. It's the late that submits the parcel to Customs, still in Lisbon. This becomes an impersonal routine (besides being far away from my hometown); the parcel is let alone with itself, subject to all procedure fragilities.
However UPS submits the parcel to Customs (eventually) in my neighbourhood and do the clearance themselves, as they deliver the goods to (my) final destination.
This represents a great difference; Customs procedure is more humanized, the parcel is more cared for. One day they (UPS guys) even called me by phone to tune up the description of the parcel (some apparel) they should declare to Customs, for a good ending.
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