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Hi Stu,

I follow you. : )

In fact, I have more trust in England's Mail System and Customs that my own Spain's. Sad, but true.

Regarding EB: That's exactly how I go about it, but remember that now-a-days sellers can't leave neg FB, and even past neg. FB left for a buyer has been erased. So there's no true way to know what you're getting into besides the number of transactions and the FB the buyer has left for previous sellers.

Nonetheless, the aim of this thread is indeed to discuss Customs / Postal regulations, o prevent potential problems, not discuss EB's policies.

: )

Getting back to the original subject, and sharing what info I can add:

FWIW: If shipping to Puerto Rico/USA, it's better to ONLY use USPS, and I prefer their PRIORITY service. It's inexpensice, and has never, ever, failed me. If you choose to use FedEX or UPS, rates are going to be three or four TIMES the USPS equivalent. I have also found USPS to be more predictable and reliable. Of course, I always insure and track my items. If you're shipping within the 48 contiguous states it might be different.

C'mon guys. How about your own experiences in places such as Germany, Mexico, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Albania, Lithuania, Spain, Japan, Brazil et al?



Originally Posted by kahnjar1
I do not plan to get into the subject of Ebay as it would take a thread of its own, and I expect a VERY long one. What I should have added is that the Customs would then return the item to the sender, PROVIDED there was no attempt to confuse by incorrect description. That would have been on the senders part and then he would deserve to be left in the lurch. In any international transaction there is always a degree of TRUST, and if a seller is not sure about his buyer, he need only look at previous feedback to establish the integrity or lack of. Also he is able to see what the buyer has been purchasing. Trust me, our Customs are NOT corrupt, and I believe that in NZ we are VERY lucky to have SENSIBLE laws regarding blades, and in fact weapons in general.
Regards Stuart
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