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Default Knock, knock...

Originally Posted by freebooter
Incidentally, can anyone in the USA help me with an issue I have, an auction house does not want to declare the amount I want them to on a high ticket item? I am looking for a shipping addy in the USA who can reship at a lower declared value so I am not getting shafted by the government on taxes, I feel it is nothing short of extortion taxing antiques...what gives them the rights....

Let's not engage in this sort of thing, folks, lest this thread become locked or deleted. Thanks.

Here's the current applicable rule:


Discussion of laws, regulation and legal issues, such as those relating to the ownership of edged weapons, or their transportation, importation or exportation, on the open forum is fine (and very educational and helpful besides), so long as suggestions for ways to circumvent said laws or regulations, such as shipping and/or labeling strategies, are not brought into the discussion.

Discussions of your own experiences with customs, local possession laws, etc. is fine, again so long as you do not discuss "strategies" for circumventing or avoiding them (even if it is simply suggesting a careful choice of words that tends not to excite the attention of the authorities).

If there is interest in exchanging such "strategic" information, please use private e-mails.
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