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That being the case, I can occasionally assist you in worthy cases. Meaning, I don't have the time to resend "thousands" of deals. : )

Let me know. But you'll need to wire me any tax/shipping payments via Western Union before I pick up/send the sword. I will not open the package to repack it. Also, I won't be responsible if it's lost on its way to you. Better send me some pre-addressed labels!



Originally Posted by freebooter
Believe me Manolo, it is a far cheaper option. by doing this I could potentally save $500+. Lose is never a concern for me, of the hundreds, maybe thousand plus deals I have done over the years, nothing has ever gone astray if it is sent with either registration or tracking, I rarely insure.
Others may have suffered loss but I do wonder the circumstances behind it.
I hear stories of customs officers taking stuff but never ever had is substantiated either.

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