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Hi Guys,

Stuart, if you use EBay and you can't prove the buyer received the item (Ie. Customs keeps it), PPal will reimburse the buyer's payment (charge-back), and the seller is left sans recourse and holding the bag.

Gav, I don't know if that would be a good idea. You'd have to pay shipping to two different locations, and taxes to the intermediate location too. For example, inter-state shipping also pays taxes, in PR's case they are about 8%. Although not all states do, yet I have no idea of which assess taxes and which don't. Second, if you misrepresent the value, and the item "gets lost", insurance will only cover the reported value. Sometimes Custom offices "dissappear" the item on purpose, and then leave you to deal with your insurance, knowing full-well it won't cover your loss. Custom's games..!



Originally Posted by kahnjar1
New Zealand is no problem either BUT there are some conditions.
Swords: Are basicly free imports. You do not need any sort of permit to import.
Knives: SINGLE EDGED old/ethnographic/bayonets etc: No permit of any sort required BUT such things as Butterfly knives, flick knives, gravity knives etc are TOTALLY BANNED.
Daggers (double edged knives): Permit to Import required by buyer. It is totally the BUYERS responsibility to make sure that they have the right permit. There is NO responsibilty on the shippers part if the buyer does not have, or can not get the right permit. If the buyer has paid then its his problem if the item is siezed at the border, and he has NO COMEBACK on the seller.
MAKE SURE THAT THE ITEM IS DESCRIBED FOR WHAT IT IS!! Even if the buyer has a permit, if the Customs chose, they can sieze the item if it is not properly described. The word "antique" does not come into the equation. Even the word "old" is not necessary, but obviously if an item is old then describe as such.
Hope this helps.
Regards Stuart
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