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Originally Posted by Atlantia
Australia can now be very problematic as well.

For me importing any edged weapon to Australia is not a problem as I know through experience gained that all you really have to do is dot your "I"s and cross your "T"s and know what you are importing and keep open lines of communications with the sender.
The hard ones are concealable edged weapons and double edged weapons under 40cms in length. This too can be overcome with experience.
Swords are not restricted at all, though I know some states do require licences for them.
I know from dealings with some European countries that they can be tough and even tougher with taxes.

Incidentally, can anyone in the USA help me with an issue I have, an auction house does not want to declare the amount I want them to on a high ticket item? I am looking for a shipping addy in the USA who can reship at a lower declared value so I am not getting shafted by the government on taxes, I feel it is nothing short of extortion taxing antiques...what gives them the rights....

Any way....if anyone needs help importing to Australia feel free to contact me.


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