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Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for having brought the Cavalry.
Congratulations must be shared, though .
I have registered that precious detail about the touch hole having been "modernized".
That thing of sheer envy ... are you kidding me? . Just look at your "jewels", like the ones in the pictures shown here ... and there... and there .
I have passed your compliments to Adriano; he told me to thank you on his behalf .
Herewith a (lousy) picture of the cannon rest, in a (provisional) final status. I have added one carrying/suspension ring and side reinforcements.
This rest setup was idealized after considering the rest of your Nischengeschütz, the replica of the Loshult cannon in the Crecy museum and the bombard shown by Cornelistromp at the Chateau de Castelnaud.
Maybe it has nothing to do with any of them, but that's where i got the "inspiration".


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