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Originally Posted by David
... Ken Lunde has provided some fine info here, but i have a feeling that this is a bit over reaching for many of our forum members who don't have the professional level of skill or equipment that produced these images.
David, I totally agree with what you said

That's why I like very much your pointers above -- makes it very easy for all of us amateur photographers to create great pics!

On a related matter, earlier I was looking for an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera. My aim was to find a low-learning-curve-but-high-gratification kind of "idiot box"

Fortunately in Macworld's July 2009 issue, they precisely reviewed $100 cameras (excerpts of article are below). And Canon's A470 came out on top (it got 4 out of the max. 5 points). So I got myself one very recently.

In that camera's full review, the reviewer added that even though he uses expensive digital single lens reflex cameras, he plans on buying that Canon model because its macro shots are just too good. And I guess that's one of the things (macro shots) we are exactly looking for, in photographing our blades.

I'll post shortly sample pics taken with that camera ...
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