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Originally Posted by migueldiaz
Billy, as far as I know the pics go side by side or on top of each other depending on the size of your web browser 'window' at the moment.
Pls. see the result of a little experiment I did:

Thanks Miguel, i guess i knew this but didn't know how to put it. We have encountered this difference before when some has commented on the numerical order of photos and we all have different results based on our browser window. That can get confusing when photos are in different positions on different peoples screens. Thanks for illustrating it so well.
Yes, i have all kinds of professional lighting gear, but i still prefer to make these photos with natural light when possible, though sometimes the weather just won't permit it.
Unless there is some objection from the rest of the Mods i think we should make this thread a "sticky" and hopeful keep adding new info to it. Ken Lunde has provided some fine info here, but i have a feeling that this is a bit over reaching for many of our forum members who don't have the professional level of skill or equipment that produced these images. Still, it is nice to have it laid out for those who do have access to such stuff and want to give it a try.
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