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Originally Posted by M ELEY
Just to repeat what others have already stated here, in that hangers of these types did span into the 19th century. I had a so-called M1751 with the marking of Dawes Birm, for Dawes Birmingham. Although John Dawes was making swords in the 1770's, this marking reflects that from about post-1795. Several M796 light cavalry officer's swords bear this marking. There was an excellent article in a Man-at-Arms antique weapons magazine from some years back by the esteemed artist/writer/curator Don Trionni in which he did research on the M1751 and pretty much proved that with rare exception, they were post 1790/post Rev War and most likely issued to the militias. My 2 cents...

Well said Mark, and excellent support for what seems to be a growing perspective on these. I wish I could recall the number for that article in Man At Arms by Mr. T, which is a great article and I have seen that information in various posts on threads over the years.
In looking at the wolf/fox on this example further, it really does to have the overall appearance of one of the Harvey examples, and again wonder if these were blades supplied to various cutlers. The use of these hangers by militias would easily explain thier late use and obviously use by other ranks, not corresponding to the line units restricting swords to sergeants etc. only

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