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Hi Norman,
Extremely interesting !!!
Naturally this does appear an 18th century British hanger, and at cursory glance without hittin the books and notes, it seems that it corresponds to the form often referred to as the M1751. If I recall, it seems further that the M1751 designation may be misapplied as according to Neumann, these are not among findings in Revolutionary War battlesite excavations. Although that absence would not serve as evidence, it is interesting since so many other items are typically found.
The 'running wolf' fell out of use after the 17th century as far as I know in Europe and in England until Harvey reinstated its use sometime in the 1740's or 50's I believe. Most of his 'wolf' marks were stamped with his initials, but there were variations, so again, absence of initials would not preclude the mark being his.
It will be interesting to see what further discussion and research will any case, very nice piece!!

All best regards,
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