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Originally Posted by CharlesS
Is that twist core pattern in the kriss etched after the forging? other words can you feel it as in 3-D??

If so it may not be true twist core but etched to imitate it. I have never seen true twist core hold so perfectly within two lines. This is a VERY difficult forging feat. It is also possible the the twistcore pattern was etched AFTER the forging.

Hello Charles, you are absolutely right, the forging flaws on the blade of this kris is so minimal to none, compare to the twist core Moro krises that I have seen. The texture of the central twist core pattern is, as you said, as if in 3-Dís, you can feel the pattern when you touch it. My other twist cores blades though are the same, as if the were soaked in ferric acid for quite sometime, very topographic.

I have a hypothetical question. Let say that this kris was built in late 19th C. or say, 20th C. turn of the Century though it seems that most this Moro twist core krises are from 19th C or earlier. What are the possibilities of this twist core blades being imitated/duplicated at that period of time?
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