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Originally Posted by katana
Hi Gene,
nice object ....I think the curved, slotted ends allow movement of the 'string' as the angle changes, with the draw and release of the prod.
I'm thinking a 'nipple' type arrangement (like a motor bike cable) but at both ends, if that is the case, some sort of 'industrial' manufacture seems likely.
One of my 'to do' lists includes trying to make a traditional crossbow. was originally thinking of forging a steel prod (once I've made my forge....that's also on the 'to do' list ) But recently acquired 24" of buffalo horn now toying with the idea of a 'composite' prod .....horn, wood and sinew.....

I think 50lbs draw is easily suitable for small game. My compound bow's draw weight is around 50lbs and would send an arrow approx. 230 feet per second .I would expect a bolt / quarrel to have a similar speed at the same draw weight

Regards David

Hi David,

Yeah, LOL, V short motorcycle cable! that would probobly do the trick!
To be honest, 50lb is plenty at short ranges if you're using sharp tips. I would never hunt, but I'm sure most creatures could be killed with it, even lightly armoured (padded/leather/ even banded) people would likely receive a potentially fatal wound at closer ranges

I had a barnett with a 150lb hernia inducing prod on it, and it would put a 14" bolt with a standard target point about 2" into the face of a seasoned elm log at 70m.

How about using a layer from a salvaged truck leaf spring for your prod. Cut the 'ties' and you should be able to prize them apart, then shape with a grinder!

You're horn would be perfect for inlay on the stock?

I must admit I think steel prods are best. Composite and fibreglass are far too prone to spectacular failures!

I've got a huge steel proded vintage medieval style xbow in the loft that I've always wanted to 'rebuild' into a more gothic style.
I'll try and dig it out later as I've got to get up there.
If I can I'll add some pictures

Cheers bud,
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