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Originally Posted by Matchlock
The rapier at the left belongs to a well known group of swords made for the Munich Town Guard, the Metropolitan police, by Wolfgang Stantller, ca. 1600-10.

The one next to it with the gilt hilt is a variant of a Pappenheimer sword, ca. 1630.

Adding in what the museum has to say about some of these. First, the sword on the left of the pappenheimer is, oddly enough (in my eyes at least), described as being of "the type used by Pappenheim's cavalry". The pappenheimer itself as stated as having the hilt made in the 1620'ies, remounted with a blade dated to 1652.

A late model of a Swedish matchlock musket, ca. 1670, and an early Swedish flintlock musket with blued lock plate and polished edges, ca. 1670-80.

These would be m/1680 and m/1688 respectively.

Wheel-lock cavalry pistols, 1680's to M 1704, and contemporary flintlock pistols.

Top to bottom in the photo with yellow background: m/1683, m/1685, m/1690, probably trial model m/1687 and m/1688 (photo).

A plug bayonet with spring loaded grip for better fit in the barrel of a late matchlock or early flintlock musket, ca. 1680.

Ring bayonet m/1692.

Naval breech loading pieces for interchangeable breeches

Top to bottom:

Early 16h century, found in the Old Town in Stockholm (near the German Church) in 1884

Ca 1500, found in the moat at Kristianstad's fortress in the late 18th century. Repaired in 1945.

Found in the same moat as the previous one, also in the late 18th century.

Ca 1400, found in Stralsund's harbor in the late 18th century.

If there's any other pieces of interest then I can see what info I have available on them.
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