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Fraudulent auctions on eBay need to be dealt with by eBay and should no longer be listed on this site which, as frequently stated, prohibits the discussion or listing of any current eBay auctions.

The following information is provided to those of you who wish to take action about a fraudulent listing on eBay, especially the duplicate listing issue that we have seen with increasing frequency over the last few months.

When a suspected fraud is detected on eBay it is suggested that the following actions be taken. This information is what I have personally learned in dealing with such cases, and I have found eBay responsive to my notifications.

First, email the seller who is listing what you believe to be the genuine item and notify him/her that you have detected a possible duplicate listing of his/her item. Request that the seller notify eBay of the other fraudulent listing. eBay should be responsive to the real seller, who is an affected party.

Second, you may also wish to notify eBay directly of the suspected fraud. IMO this is wise to do, because you have no way of knowing whether the real seller will follow up on your message -- and there is more than just the seller who could be affected by this fraud.

Here is how to notify eBay of a suspected duplicate listing. I have used this form of communication with effect for just such a problem.

Reporting seller fraud to eBay

(1) First go to:

Select Button “Report another problem”

Click “Report Problem”

(2) Next Page:

If you are reporting a duplicate listing, click the following items in the numbered boxes:

1. > "Report a listing policy violation or prohibited (banned) item"

2. > "Fraudulent listings (illegal seller demands, you didn't receive item, etc)"

3. > "Report a listing you think is fraudulent (you didn't bid)"

Click “Continue”

(3) Next Page:

Click “Email”

(4) Next Page:

Enter the requested details into the email boxes. Put the eBay item numbers for the fraudulent and real items in the top box, and in the bottom box provide an explanation of why you believe fraud is occurring.

Click “Submit”

You will get an email from eBay acknowledging receipt of your email. That reply will also state that you will receive no further response from them about your message. The only way to know if you have succeeded in getting through is to see whether the fraudulent listing is deleted.
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