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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Thank you for adding this list, and it does show the mythical weapons of literary classics and legend...and as you note, many, if not most are in some degree either fictitious or contained in illustrious descriptive metaphor.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the comments.

I guess all I can say is that if historical swords have joined the ranks of mythical and "magical" swords, then those real swords must really be that good whatever "good" means.

And the other thing that this veil of mystery does is that it continually feeds the legend, which then of course perpetuates the stories even more.

I guess a sword couldn't ask for more!

Originally Posted by katana
Swords such as Tizona and Colada have 'power' as political 'status' symbols. Later leaders may use such an 'icon' to 'rally' its people to a cause.

Hi David,

Thanks for your post. And expanding the discussion to include historical similarities surely puts the subject swords in better perspective.

Isn't it interesting that the deceased El Cid was used as a rallying point then, and his swords continue to be used as such apparently? So for political propagandists (for lack of a better word), to them I guess it's not important whether the thing is true or not.

Interesting thread indeed ...

PS - On the power of belief and as an aside, as Neo (The Matrix) said "There is no spoon."
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