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Thank you for the update Stephen, and the Civil War period seems to well correspond with the W.Clauberg maker of Solingen. It seems I have seen quite a few Union sabres of the Civil War with that marking and name.
Interesting to note that in U.S. regulation patterns, one of the first actual patterns was the M1840 cavalry sabre, affectionately (?) termed by the troops, the 'old wristbreaker'. This descriptive term resulted in reality more from insufficient training and regular use by the men than any defect in the swords balance. When the pattern was first introduced, there was a great deal of conflict concerning contracts, and if memory serves, some of the first issues were produced by Solingen makers (I think it might have been Walscheid, but cant recall offhand).

Interesting to see how late these 'early' form sword blades were produced, though commonly held that these kaskara trade blades were 18th century.
The 'thuluth' term, it seems I read, actually means 'third'.

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