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Originally Posted by Robert Coleman
Hi Jim,
Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your last post but after reading it I was to busy crying in my beer. Just kidding. I can't say that I was not just a little disappointed hearing that it was not made for combat but such is life. Still to me it is a great looking sword and conversation piece and well worthy of hanging out with the rest of my swords. Again many thanks.


Hi Robert,
You're very welcome Robert While I regret that my opinion could not find a way to think of this as a combat weapon in its present incarnation, as I noted, it appears that its blade was, at one time. In actuality, a great deal of the edged weapons collected have not seen actual combat, and the ones which did quickly evidenced it, often taking its toll on them. It seems like far more collectors look for pristine condition, in the manner of collectors in general, and worn or combated weapons are typically downgraded accordingly.
I think this is one of the most attractive examples of a reproduced rapier I have seen, mostly because it does appear servicable, and its age shows well on it. I would use as much restraint as possible to retain any patina you can, and for my preference I'd leave the grip alone. To me it would just detract from the antiquity of the piece that gives it special appeal. Again, my preference alone...when I collected, I was fortunate that the dark old, worn pieces were what I that was all I could really afford It worked out pretty well !

All the best,
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