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[QUOTE=Jim McDougall]
I would think this piece was likely comingled with what sounds like a number of weapons, some of which were no doubt examples which may have been obtained there. Perhaps the 'wavy' bladed one was a Moro kris.

Hello Jim,
I cannot thank you enough for joining in on this discussion. At one time in this post I said "Who doesn't like a good story?". The main reason that I left out the following is the fact that it sounds to much like someone grasping at straws trying to make a point. The woman I bought this from did have and did show me an early photograph of her Uncle in uniform with his "war booty" that did show this sword and what looked to be a very nice kris, a couple of bolo's and a talibon as well as other pieces quite clearly. Now as to the age of the photograph I cannot with all honesty say how old it was but it did in my eyes look to be turn of the century or there about. As like other excuses that I'm sure you've already heard she flatly refused to let me have the photo long enough to have it copied no matter what I offered her. She seemed more concerned about the value of the picture than that of the sword which I paid a grand total of $15.00 for, and offered up to $25.00 for the picture itself. I have not mentioned this before because of how how stupid and ridiculous it sounds to me and I'm sure to anyone else when put in printed form. I'm not saying this to try to prove that this sword is from the Philippines because it has already been shown in this thread that this is not the case, but only to try to show how convincing the story was for me to believe. My only question to you is this, do you think that there is no chance that this piece was made to be used as an authentic weapon and was not just made to decorate a wall ?

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