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Originally Posted by kisak
As measurements varied quite a bit between swords of the same model, here's a few different measurements from Svenska Blankvapen del 2 and White Arms of the Royal Armoury.

m/1761: Blade length 100.2 cm, width at the base 4.5cm
m/1775: 94.8/5 cm
m/1775: 92.5/4.4 cm
m/1778: 101.3/4.5 cm
m/1778: 100/4.4 cm, 1350g (No weight given for the others.)

The m/1778 is supposed to be an m/1775 with part of the basket cut off, which is why I included it here.

wow! Great research Kisak.
Robert? How does that compare?

Just been looking through some books.
Nothing the same, but there are some great examples of 'unusual' rapier-esq swords with similarities.
Here's a 'basket hilt' with an eccentric guard and medium weightcentrally ridged blade:

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