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The POB seems a little forward on your sword, which is clearly due to the rather long and heavy blade.
You can see from Manuels small-sword, and its much narrower lighter blade, it can be offset by a much smaller handle (and shorter).
Small-swords with that type of blade were used throughout Europe, and many look very similar. I assume the heavier blade might also have become quite far-flung in its useage.

The very long handle would seem to me to have two obvious advantages: grip and offsetting that long heavy blade.

If the sword was just a rehilted older blade for decorative purposes then why worry about either factor? Why not just make it look as much like a Rapier as you can and give it a standard size handle which would look more in keeping?

But the distinctive blade and its unusual point is exactly the same as the one in Kisaks picture?

I would think that although a little point heavy still, it WAS made to use.
Just my thoughts, and let me remind you, I'm often wrong! lol
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