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Originally Posted by Robert Coleman
Kisak, Thank you very much for posting the pictures of the two swords. I do agree that the blades do look strikingly similar and this could very possible be a Swedish blade . Could you please tell me where the stampings on their blades are as I have been over and over this blade with no luck finding any markings at all. If most blades of this age were marked (I supposed they were ?) maybe if I knew were to look and with better light and a magnifying glass I might be able to find something. The other thing that I'm wondering about is the length of the hilt on my sword. The sword handles very well one handed but with the length of the hilt a two handed grip is very comfortable and greatly improves how it handles. I know absolutely nothing about this type of sword so everything I say is pure speculation on my part. Another question is would they have gone to all the trouble of putting the engraving on the pommel and collars if this was just to hang on a wall? I am only asking questions to learn, I am not disputing anything that has been offered in reference to this sword as I know things were done quite differently even 50 years ago. Again I thank you for your interest and help in trying to identifying this .


Hi Robert.

Its difficult to judge these swords.
Manuel and Kisak certainly seem to have found the type of blade.
I would be very interested to see if someone can provide some exact measurements for comparison.

Its certainly an unusual combination, as the handle is unusually long but is swept hilt style and the blade is unusually heavy and of course the swept hilt was long out of favour by the 18th/19THc.

I'd be tempted to take the story you were told at face value and think its a rather strange colonial hybrid.
Its a strange one to label.

I just noticed you mention silver/aluminium paint on the hilt when you got it?
Is that whats in the crevases of the hilt bars?

One thought.
If the blade is a reuse from one of these military swords then the tang must have been extended or it doesn't go to the end of the long handle.

No movement on the pommel is there?
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