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Well my friends!
I am genuinely sorry to have started a discussion which has led down such a painful path.

I have composed several long replies to points raised, only to delete them before posting.

I had wanted to discuss the performance of non-european weapons against standardised or 'recognised' European types 'in combat'.
I was thinking pre 20thC, in fact the further back the better, before the gun became dominant.

I had hoped that specific battles could be discussed and we could analyse and conjecture upon the relative performance of the weapons involved and the different techniques for using them.
Katana Vs Broadsword?
Shamshir & Tulwar Vs Military Sabre etc?

Are there instances where European standardisation meant that the lack of variety and expectation (arrogant presumption) that European weapons were superior to all left the European forces at a disadvantage when they found themselves facing 'Ethnographic' weapons that were heavier/lighter etc or fighting techniques (fencing styles) that were unexpected?

I had no intention of starting a discussion of the morality of warfare, especially modern warfare, or wars within living memory or where forumites families or relatives might have been involved.

All of our nations have fought many wars in their history, and I doubt any nation could claim that all wars in its history were 'just' and fought completely with Honour.

But however we view, with the benefit of hindsight the actions of our nations and others, whether we can justify actions taken, tactics employed, weapons used or whether we cannot, I am sure that we all abhor the horrors of war and the terrible stain that it has left in the souls of all of our great nations.

My friends, please accept my apologies, as the fault here is mine.
I should have been clearer and more specific in the intent of this thread.

I sincerely hope that you can both accept my apology, and will still feel able to add to this discussion within the parameters of 'combat worthiness of worldwide antique weapons' as I have the greatest respect for your opinions.

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