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KuKulzA28, it must be also said that the mayans from the period of the conquest were not the mayas from the great civilization, which was already destroyed and disappeared, and their cities lost. The mayan from the time of the conquest, were only peasants, fishermans and little merchants living scatered in small towns. The priests, warriors, astronomers, artists of the maya civilization existed no more. One maya group gave better fight to the spaniards. Their chief was a spaniard arrived from a shipwreck years before the disembarkment of spanish soldiers in the Yucatán Peninsula, which was enslaved by the maya, and latter liberated by it´s merits, married with the daughter of a chief and integrated in the mayan society. He was the man which initiated the cross-breeding among spaniards and indians. His name was Gonzalo Guerrero.

By the way, the apocaliptic and racist movie "Apocalypto" has no the slightiest historical trace of true. It is offensive and false, as false as "Bravehearth".

I think "hit and run" is a guerrilla tactic. Guerrilla in Colombia, Guatemala, Irak, Afghansitan or El Salvador are all guerrilla. The difference is their political orientation, the treatment given to the civil population and the use or absence of terrorist methods over this population to intimidate or to level the political pressure over the governments. Pure terrorism, as a sistematic "combat" method, is another thing, compltely different. Anarchists are given to this kind of tactics, so naughty and useless, and very painful for the innocents. But there is also government terrorism, applied by the national armies in their sistematic killig of some sectors of the population, because of diverse "reasons" (ideologic, ethnic, political and so on). In Guatemala, military and civil dictadors used the army to exterminate maya indians and eliminate ferociously and with extreme brutality the opposition, reaching numbers to 30,000 killings. Same can be said of many dictators in America or Europe in the 20th Century...but, in a second thought, they are not just terrorists: they are genocides.
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