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Default Non European forces proving themselves Vs European military might

Good evening gentlemen, I've been thinking about posting a thread on this
subject for a while.

As a proud European, I of coouurrrse think that our armies have always been the best
But I awlays have a sneaking admiration for those moments in history when the 'little guys' have given 'us' Europeans and our Imperialist expansionism a bloody nose!

Now obviously there are some rather famous examples where 'modern' European/western armies underestimated their oponents and came to a sticky end, but these are often more historical 'blips' than anything else.

What really interests me is where European armies have faced non-european opponents with different martial traditions and 'technology' and found it to be an equal.

I often wonder when looking at some of the marvelous ethnographic weapons on this site how they would fare in combat against European steel and tactics?

I can think of a few good examples of this, mostly from when the British Empire reached India and Afghanistan, but I wondered if anyone (as I'm sure those reading this are collectors of both Euro and Ethnographic weapons) have any great examples of their favourite ethnographic weapons proving themselves against European armies?
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