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It seems that as we have progressed in expanding the scope of items discussed here on the forum, we realize as we did on the ethnographic forum that associated material culture is often key in the study of weapons.While not weapons themselves, many items carry motif, decoration and symbolism that help us with establishing identification in the weapons that are being studied.

Also, in displays or groupings of weaponry, such items provide fantastic perspective in appreciating the texture of the particular culture in region, period or both, almost like stepping into a time machine!

Michael has done so much in not only sharing his magnificent weapons collection, but provided that wonderful effect here in this book, much as he has with the illustrations and personal tour he posts along with them. It is as if the beautifully illustrated items he shows in this book are companions to that material, and again, a tour through a virtual museum, which is surely comparable if not better, than many that would be experienced in the museums in Europe. For those of us who may not ever see those places, it is an experience beyond compare.

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