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Thanks for your kind lines.

In speaking of a Magnum Opus I mean that this book should contain all the specified knowlegde on earliest arsenal firearms and their accouterments, ca. 1320-1720, that I have amassed in 30 years. It would be the work of my life, so to speak. I't's all just hoping for the time being, though and I will have to work hard to make it real.

Well, it does not really require a "list" to let you know that my first (and only, up to now) book in 2005 was on fine Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque receptacles for precious goods. It's in German:

Michael Trömner: Behältnisse für Kostbares 1500-1700.

It does unfortunately not have an ISBN and is available directly from me. The price is 65 euro, postage included.

Anyone interested, please let me know.

I'll provide some information in a separate link.


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