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Hi Richard,

I am afraid there is no certain reason for employing so-called part lock mechanisms at a time period when complete lock mechanisms were known long since. It may have been a regional thing, like an old arsenal armorer who may have preferred to cling to a form that he had become familiar with.
Generally, during the first half of the 16th century, both 'obsolete' and 'modern' forms are found side by side.

The overall length of the Hofkircher wall gun is 179 cm, the relatively small bore is 15,7 mm, the weight 6,7 kg, so there is really no need for a hook and the piece is quite light for a wall gun.

It is very unsual for an early 16th century wall gun to be fiited with an ramrod, indeed, while there are many heavy pieces known from the mid-17th century to have their ramrods mounted to the left side of the stock, held by small iron pipes.

As to the use of limewood, it is said to be easy to work on and quite tough at the same time. And - exactly, it does retain its beautiful aroma!

A great variety of butt-stocks is found at the mid 16th century.

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