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Pukka Bundook
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Good morning, Michael.

A very nice lock and in just about 'as new' condition!
was it ever fitted to a gun?
The notch in the pan for the touch-hole looks very narrow, and made me wonder if it had ever been fitted or not.
It is a lock roughly similar to this, that I thought may have been originally fitted to the two harquebus' from the Tower.

Looking again at the dummy wheellock above in this thread, I must say an awful lot of work went into it. It is a very nice lock!
I see the pan withdraws when fired via a link inside.

All best wishes,


I have just been looking at the dummy wheel-lock again.

Do I see stains inside the lock-plate where a longer spring was once fitted? also, I see a cut-out for the wheel.
I was just wondering, with the quality of work here, Do you think this was originally a true wheellock, and when it broke down, converted more cheaply to a matchlock?
An interesting lock!

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