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Wow, I'm kinda suprised by this. Those are big Hyenas!

The one in the top pic is huge! I once saw a docu about the 'red' ones and the females have a hell of a time with the babies! The mother Hyena gave birth to the first one and by the time she'd cleaned it off, the second one was on the way and the first one was attacking it as it came out!! Not too bad obviously at that stage, but they are born with their eyes open and an almost insatiable appetite for confrontation. The poor mother when all the pups were a little older she was constantly breaking them up and stopping them fighting.
I'm really suprised that out of their natural environment they are reasonably placid. These are a real apex predator, the same documentary had them trailing prides of Lions and waiting until they'd killed something big, then chasing them off and taking it.
Very impressive creature, big, powerful, fast, and one of the most powerful bites of any animal.

Very interesting thread.
Great pictures! I'm not sure about them becoming the next thug 'must have pet', but at least they aren't being hunted to extinction.
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