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Yep again. Tsuka it its. I bow to your knowledge, O' Kisak-san!.

I believed the same was comprised of two wood halves held together by the combination of kabuto-gane, the ito, same, mekugi, and the fuchi..

So, how did they fit tsubas to the tang? Did they begin with the wood, and once finished , they did the sane-giso and the ito?

And what is more important. How can I adapt a tsuka to the daito's tang without damaging the latter?

Ooopsies! Sorry again, I meant nagako...

: )


Originally Posted by kisak
Are you confusing tsuba (guard) with tsuka (grip) here?
And to the best of my knowledge the grip isn't considered "disassemle-able". The only part of grips I've heard of getting re-used are the metal parts (fuchi, kashira, menuki).
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