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Hello Jean , et tout les autres amies.

Thank you again for these tasty morsels of knowledge, it's the details which count.

Best-ests regards

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Originally Posted by Jean B.
Thanks Manolo. Could be Bogel indeed.
When Solingen, part of the Duchy of Berg, was under French control, the rights of the armourers guild, which authorised the entry in the business, was cancelled. The consequence is that there were no further entries in the records book of the swordmakers guild during this period. Some updated were done as late as the 1820s (cf. Erika Shlessinger monumental work about Solingen markings). Some existing markings were never entered in the records.

About the epée itself: it is difficult to address the question who was carrying it. This pattern is not regulation and is privately purchased. It could be an officer (town dress) or more likely a civil official like the Commissaires in charge of the logistic, quartering of officers, payroll etc.

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