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Indeed, there is so much talent and expertise in this forum!

A major problem, as some already implied, is that the word Kampilan, Kempilan, or Campilan has been used by the Spaniards (particularly in the Philippines) to describe blades which may or may not be a Kampilan (as we presently know it).

The Ibaloi (Northern Luzon) songs mentions the Campilan, too. They may or may have acquired the word from early Spaniards in the Philippines.

Early Spanish records of the Ilongots (Northern Luzon) use the word Campilan to describe a cutlass.

These information add to the confusion.

Here is more information that can help place the issue in context:

Historical writings mention the name Raha Matanda or Raja Ache (Lakandula) who ruled Manila and adjacent areas in the 16th century. Raha Matanda was the grandson of Sultan Sirapada I of Borneo.
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