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Originally Posted by Bill Marsh
"We saw it .... the Hussars let loose their horses. God, what power! They ran through the smoke and the sound was like that of a thousand blacksmiths beating with a thousand hammers.

We saw it ...Jesus Maria! The elite's lances bent forward like stalks of rye, driven by a great storm, bent on glory! The fire of the guns before them glitters! They rush on to the Swedes! They clash into the Swedish riders ... Overwhelm them! They crash into the second regiment -- Overwhelmed!

Resistance collapses, dissolves, they move forward as easily as if they were parading on a grand boulevard. They sliced through the whole army already! Next target: the regiment of horse guards, where stands the Swedish King Carol.

And the guard already wavers!"

Description from "Potop "Deluge" by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

We need an icon for "shivers!"

Bill, you are indeed a true romantic!!! and the images of the film clip you linked, along with these quoted passages evoke almost indescribable emotion, which even 'shivers' barely touches!!!
Amazing! and thank you for sharing them.

All the best,
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