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Yeah, I agree; the problem is that W European overculture industry, as is its way, made its own efficient working definition of a phrase that has a seperable, and perhaps even older/foreign traditional or simply linguistic/logical meaning. Thus "cast steel" (you could quote it, "per se" it, "caststeel" or "cast-steel" or "acero fino", which I was questioning my friend is it fine grained or fine quality and she said you can't tell because "fino" exactly equals "fine".....) is a type of cast steel, if you will. Doubled shear steel (or any double/doubled steel) is steel that has been doubled; ie folded; triple steel AFAIK has no tightly defineable meaning, though it may imply many foldings or folding together of three different bars to form a billet; speculating. I think my brother has etched marked shear steel to a wootz-like crystally pattern. I also think he may have a spring-tempered wootz kard, though I don't remember that for sure. (If you think I'm fascinated with spring temper you don't know my brother! ) I'll attempt to question him or get him to read this.
There came to be something in the legalistic/industrial definition of "cast-steel" that included the crucible had to be below a certain size, and the ingredients were famously balanced by intuitive art as much as by any precise or scientific analysis, which was levelled as a criticism by the early large-batch full-melt industrial steel proponants, of course.
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