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It's a pleasure to be of any help.

Originally Posted by Matchlock
I was aware of the bad lighting conditions; a friend of mine was there and had a very expensive camera but the low light, the glass and the red decoration spoilt almost everything.
You tell ME

Originally Posted by Matchlock
I am also in desparate search of color illustations from Charles V's Inventario Iluminado. They have them in the RAM but they will not answer back to a foreigner.
If it makes you feel any better, for the locals isn't easy to have an answer back, either. It's not an excuse, but the RAM is absolutely understaffed and those who work there have to deal with a lot of things unrelated with strictly curatorial tasks. On the other hand, the "inventario" has not been published, as far as I know ( I DO want also a copy), so getting these images may be tricky... to say the less.
Anyway, you can contact me via e-mail, let's see if something can be worked out.
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