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Hi Ed,

Originally Posted by Ed
They have any interesting publications?

The picture i posted was scanned from the Museum book, an introductory work with the Museum history, the rooms decoration and exhibiting items, supported by a quantity of pictures; but no way it can be considered a catalogue ... and the pictures are a bit vague; more panoramic than intrinsec to the objects.

Originally Posted by Ed
Also... Tom Hoving (ex director of the Met in NY) made the point that one is well served to buy a collection of postcards from museums that you visit since they 1) are probably the best pieces and 2) are photographed better than you could hope to yourself.

Well, Mr. Hoving is obviously right. Many a times you struggle to take pictures of the places you visit ( even often clandestine pictures ) and, when you enter the Museum shop you see the main thing splashed in postcards ... and indeed more accurate, as you get home and check the quality of the pictures you have achieved.This has even a double invoice as, with the alienation in concentrating to create an angle and conditions to take photos, one doesn't propperly apreciate the exhibits.

Assuming you already visited this Museum, but might have forgotten most of its contents, i attach here a view scanned from the book, showing one of the four angles of the artillery patio, where they claim to have the greatest bronze cannon collection.

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