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Here we have three contemporary navajas.

The top one is a display knife that is built around a modern chrome plated cast brass frame and has synthetic resinated plywood handle scales. It weighs 2.25Lbs and its overall shape and proportions are fanciful rather than functional. It does not resemble anything made in the old days. The blade is some kind of stainless steel, probably 420. Although robust, it is too heavy and clumsy for any practical use.

The navaja in the centre is a very good quality current day interpretation of a traditional post 1900 (neo-classical)utilitarian folder. It has a 440C stainless steel blade, genuine horn handle and German silver bolsters. It made by the firm of Exposito and is the last over-the-counter traditionally made Albacetean folder that I am aware of.

The one at the bottom is a souvenir navaja with an etch engraved blade. Like the one at the top, it is also built around a modern cast frame and uses some kind of stainless steel for the blade and spring, probably 420. It is quite solid and could be put to use but it was not intended as a working knife. Its overall shape is also rather fanciful with only a slight resemblance to the navajas of olden times.

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