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Just wanted to add some observations on these 'pipeback blades' on Gavin's two Dutch naval sabres. As I noted, I've always considered this blade feature most interesting, and it seems it occurs on Solingen made swords for Germany cavalry from about the 1870's.
In Wagner's "Cut and Thrust Weapons" these pipeback blades in which the rounded 'piping' becomes a ridge near the stepped point which seems to recall the famed yelman often seen on earlier East European sabres.
In Wagner, plates 13,18 and 19 illustrate German cavalry swords as noted dating 1879, 1889 and 1891 respectively, and two of the sword were by Geb'r Weyersberg firm in Solingen.
I wonder if that firm might have made these two swords?

It seems like these 'pipeback' blades were quite prevalent on early British swords, but later ceased about mid 19th c. on British sword blades. I wonder what brought these back on the German made blades?
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