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Unfortunatly Jens I do not and at the present time, can not scan either. There are very few published pictures of ingots (around 2), mostly descriptions, Craddock, 1998 illustates one from Gatihosahalli, Wayman and Juleff, 1999 illustate one from Sri Lanka. That is it from archaeological contexts. There are some modern ones around, but using replicated ones as models for ancient ones can be misleading.
Ethnographic references say cone shaped, puck or elongated. The only measurment is 2.3-3 cm in diameter for sone from Mel-Siruvalur. Lowe reports ingots from Hyderabad are cake like in shape and between 50-110 grams, whereas Voysey says 680-1260 grams.
We have two ingots from Merv, one egg shaped and one potato shaped. this is significant because the historican Al-Beruni said they are egg shaped.
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