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Jim McDougall
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This outstanding presentation represents in my opinion, what true antique weapons collecting is all about. Here is a classic example of a truly discerning collector, who rather than amassing a volume of weapons, has carefully selected classically representative pieces. Then, most important of all, he has sought to explore the history most plausibly connected to each of these beautiful items.
By commissioning this work with others who share the deep interest in this field of arms, he has sought to learn what the weapons themselves would tell us. In doing this he has presented us with an important legacy, not only in the detailed and fascinating report on his weapons, but in reminding us of how we should be studying the weapons we collect.

While we acquire and admire aesthetically the weapons that become our collections, we must all remember that we become the caretakers of these venerable warriors, and we should do all possible to learn about them and preserve not only them, but thier history.

Thank you so much Gene!!!!

With utmost respect,
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