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The standard issue of the Sabel Marechaussee (klewang) was first introduced in 1898. However the Korps Marechaussee was formed in 1890 as a contra guerilla unit. A brigade consisted out of a dutch sergeant. The rest (15-19 men) were natives from all around indonesia except Aceh ofcourse.
Regulations where that besides standard weapons the native troops were allowed to carry a klewang and keris of choice. In practise this almost always resulted in the men carrying acehnese swords and daggers.
They also customized military sabres or fitted native blades to military hilts.
Later they started to order custom made blades from java.
This happened untill 1898 when the standard military klewang was issued and was produced to certain specifications. Still the native troops immediately started to grind down and customize their newly given weapons to fit their personal wishes. They were more skilled and effective with the klewang than the dutch men.

Anyway, your klewang is a dutch made M1911. Produced between 1911 and 1940 or something. Your scabbard however is made in 1931/1932. But the combination of these two is not unusual.

All MILSCO klewangs are post WW2.

The M1911 probably was the model for the Naval Cutlass M1917. Most likely manufacturers from Solingen Germany came up with the blue prints.

I have an M1941 MILSCO klewang and an M1912 Solingen klewang.
The M1912 was made for the dutch national army and not for the kolonial forces. The design is the same as M1911. However, my M1912 came with a 1931/1932 colonial scabbard. How this combination came to be is unknown to me.
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