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See the Manding sword thread. I noted there the Omani influence that seems to have crossed the Sahara in the trade routes. These especially nice examples of the Omani 'kattara' , but my understanding is that 'baldric' mounts are rings on opposing sides of the scabbard throat rather than the standard double ring mounts as on these.

As Rick has noted, this central and spring type stitch on the scabbard is a pretty standard type seen on Ottoman 19th century mounts, I've seen them on the slotted scabbards for the deep parabolic blades on Ottoman shamshirs.

The blade is of typical Saharan form (note the 'dukari' or opposed crescent moons as typically seen on Tuareg takoubas), the central triple fuller system and rounded point which brings another key point, these blades are characteristally spatulate tipped (rounded, for slashing).

Again, I will point out that in my opinion these Omani kattara did enter the trade routes and carry influence accordingly.
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