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Default Best Balinese Keris collection in the world

I have not posted in a very long time, and to those of you who still remember me, I have some interesting news: I have moved from California and now reside in Bali, Indonesia, on a two year assignement. As one would expect me to, I already started collecting, there is still plenty of good kerises around, particularly if you have the luxury of time, mostly to be seen, but some good ones begging to be aquired as well.
Two days ago I was in crowded but beautiful Ubud, a traditional village in central Bali to those who may not know it, and had the unexpected pleasure while visiting some "contemporary" art museums, to actually run into what I believe to be world's best collection of fine Balinese kerises under one roof. The Neka Museum in Ubud, fairly recently, opened a very large exhibit room dedicated solely to the history, literature, making and of course display of fine Balinese kerises. Lots of gold, gems, ivory, silver, ebony and fine pamors of course, some of worlds finest carvings; many kerises are true pusakas, some dating as far as 13th century I believe (hard to believe judging by condition), some new, some from the royal courts around Bali, like the Tchokordo of Ubud, the courts of Singaraja, Gyaniar or Klungkung. The exhibit will be there for at least a year as of right now.
I have some pictures from there I sneaked out, some Ok in quality, I didnt ask if it is OK to take photos, they didnt say no or didnt see me, I supressed the flash so all in all I have some proof. That if someone reminds me how to post the photos since its been a long time I last did this.
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