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...loves the mail man

When I was in my early teens we had a dog who the vet said was part collie, part German shepherd and part coyote. I had a newspaper delivery route and it appeared to have been the highlight of the dog's day to accompany me. It was like being a bomber with a fighter escort. Any dog that decided to go for me found itself held to the ground, neck in jaw, until sufficiently humiliated.

While I was at school, my mother noticed the dog would dissappear for a few hours each day and became concerned. Paying attention, she noticed the dog 'picking up' the mailman on his route. The next day she kept the dog inside and waited to apologize to the postman for the inconvenience. "Please let the dog out, when he is along no other dog dares to come close. I just wish he would stick around for the whole route..."
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